Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time Ends, Life Goes On

Tick tock
The clock tick tocks and I wish I could make it stop.

Tick tock we all know the clock tick tocks
No-one controls it.
Even low batteries lack power to stop time
When the clock stops tick tocking.

Tick tock
Life goes on
We're all still talking
The population's still living
All waiting on a
we cannot control.
The power is in His hands and we all know it.

Tick tick tick
Our generation cannot be stopped
''Life in the fast lane man, we ain't never gon' drop''
Tick tock
I want to try stop you, warn you but there it goes
Tick tock
You're like time, won't you just stop to hear me out?


The Creator wants a word with you!
.   .   .  S  l  o  w. . . ..down.
The tick tocking won't stop now,
but when life and death meet every knee shall bow.

Tick tock
Don't be fooled by the clock.
It promises another tomorrow
but ultimately only God calls the shots.

Tick tock
You're like a clock
I want to talk but only God can make you stop.

Tick tock
You run away from me every second,
yet I, like the hour hand,
stay in one place, slowly moving,
trying to catch up with your incessant
tick tocking

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

Listen to the silence of the split seconds
Your countless cells and organs,
The very components that compose you!
Take a moment to appreciate your Beginning,
your inner being.
When the hands of time stop moving,
You're left with a silent tick tocking.
Think of your Creator before your time ends
Tick tock
God owns the first eternal clock.

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